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Loving Grandchildren
Loving my grandbabies
Is like no other,
It's not quite the same
As being a Mother.
I love my children,
They are both unique,
But the love of these babies
Sweep me off my feet.
They look up at me,
With their cute little grins,
And they touch my heart,
From deep within.
I love you, my babies, and
I thank God for you both.

I offer top quality stationery items such as Invitations, Announcements, Thank you cards, Address labels, Birth announcements, Wedding items, all types of Party accessories and much much more..I am always open to suggestions and love trying new ideas.  I will work with you to get the look you're searching for and will email you copies of work for your approval before anything is printed and mailed.  My turn-around time is very reasonable, usually within 24-48 hours upon receipt of payment, depending on what I have waiting-in-house and your urgency.

Our Mommy feeds us tuna fish
With broccoli on the side.
But Nana gives us candy
When our mouths are open wide.
Our Mommy slices apples
And oranges for dessert.
Our Nana brings us doughnuts
If she finds out we are hurt.
Our Mommy makes us drink our milk
Most every single night.
But Nana gives us ice cream bars
When we do something right
Our Mommy cooks up rice and beans
That have an awful taste.
So we say, "See ya later,
We're going to Nana's place!"

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Please contact me with any questions you may have. 
My designs are in no way limited to the ones I have
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I 'm always open to suggestions!!

Payment Information
All cards are $9.50 per pkg of 12.  They come with envelopes and complimenting return address labels.
If you have a Paypal account, you can pay me at  If not, I accept checks and money orders.  Once I receive your order, I will furnish you with a total and my address.  I am not able to process credit cards other than Paypal...sorry!

Shipping is $4.80 for the first pack and $1.00 for each additional pkg shipped at the same time.
Thank you!

In order to expedite your order, please furnish me with the following information.  I will be happy to email you a sample before printing.
1) Color choices (where applicable)
2) Personalization information
3) Name and address that you want on return labels.

Family name 1

Family name1

Family name 3

Family Palm

Daisy bunch

Plaid Monogram

Stripes and Circles

Faded circles

Vertical Stripe

Flat Party invitations

Gerber vase

Card assortment
3 each of 4 colors

Bed of Roses

Circle notes

Nana's Angels

Apples of my eye

Striped awning

Striped ladybug

Holly Hobbie

Red gerbers


Gingham flamingo

Daisy days

Blue flowers

Dora the Explorer

Ladybug ribbon

Yellow daisies


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My Pride and Joy....My Granddaughter
BRECKYN DELANEY Born April 29, 2003. I love you, Brecky!

My newest love,.... My Grandson
BRADEN HAWKINS, Born June 22, 2005. I love you, Brady!

In Loving Memory of my precious Mom and Dad
Thanks for the memories! I love you both with all my heart.

In Loving Memory of my Husband, Roger
Keeper of my Heart and forever my Soulmate 11-24-04. I'm so glad I didn't miss the dance.

"I'm still a prisoner
Held captive by your memory,
You were my strongest weakness
And I'm afraid you'll always be."